About Casey

I help organizations develop an environment that cultivates collaborative innovation in engineering. My purpose is to push creativity driven growth in my community and the organizations I work with to expand economic efficiency and quality of life.  With every problem I encounter I ask, “can this be solved with ingenuity?” I leverage my passion, training, and experience in education, engineering, and leadership to address and remove the barriers to collaborative innovation for small startups, educational institutions, and billion-dollar businesses.

I have worked as a licensed teacher, engineer, and project manager in Northern Nevada and strive every day to build a setting where new, agile ideas can be developed cooperatively in a way that leads to sustainable growth and competitive advantage.  I value hard work, divergent thinking, and pragmatism, and believe that when these forces are combined progress is inevitable.

Organizations that are currently struggling with siloed engineering teams (and egos), lackluster growth, high employee-turnover, and/or stagnate new product development would benefit from the methodology I provide.  In a world of ever increasing automation and commoditization, Collaborative Innovation is becoming the single most important investment organizations can make to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and my framework provides a way to maximize returns on that investment today.